Jamie McLean "Legacy"


CLIENT - Salon Pictures / Jamie McLean


Photography + Video + Text - Buki Koshoni

LOCATION - KOKO Nightclub, London


After watching Jamie’s documentary “The Guv’nor," I instantly knew this was someone I wanted to meet and photograph.

Much like the award winning documentary Jamie produced and presented, he is a complex and layered man, capable of great depths. Charming, intelligent and down to earth, he is likeable within minutes.

He carries his famous name and history well, and it is a sense of this history I wanted to capture in our meeting.

Lenny McLean, Jamie’s father worked on the doors of Camden Palace (now KOKO) back in the 80’s and stood on the same historic steps, featured in our shoot.

An exploration of history and legacy, the bond between a father and son and most importantly, genuine love, an emotion which was most evident in the heart felt documentary “The Guv’nor.”