Jason Flemyng | Portrait Of An Actor + ibook



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A series of conceptual portraits, featuring acclaimed actor Jason Flemyng.

Jason Flemyng is an English actor, known for his outstanding film work, spanning roles in movies such as "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button," "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "X-Men First Class."

I wanted to explore the notion of repetitive encounters, each different but the same. In Jason, I couldn't have picked a better or more willing participant, each shot different, but reminiscent of the last. A singular idea binding the images, but a unique persona in each.

Built and delivered with ibooks Author exclusively for the IPAD.

Requirements: Compatible with ibooks 2.0. 

NAKED SKIN is the brainchild of Buki Koshoni.

A photographer, artist and entrepreneur.

His love for Fashion, Film and the Human Form, influences all his work.

His company has organically grown from a platform for Contemporary Fine Art Photography to it’s very own book & print service.

Cinematic and raw, the work captures naked skin and raw attitude in inimitable style.

Koshoni’s provocative strain of contemporary art photography blends fashion and portrait photography in a display of the human form at its most provocative.