JO ROSE, Hitwoman. 30 years old. Ex Army Ranger. Athletic + Strong + Agile.

Speed, precision & quick thinking are her fighting traits. 

GALIB, 42 years old. Russian. Ex KGB, turned Mercenary. Big Guy. 250 lb. Slow, but incredibly strong.

His ability to take a hit and his crushing blows are his strengths.


These are two seasoned professionals who know that the slightest mistake, will absolutely end in their deaths. They are not here to make it look pretty, they are certainly not here for the thrill of it. This is their job, nothing more. They both want the quickest path, to the most brutal and effective finish possible, with the least amount of risk to themselves.

Every hit or move is designed to have maximum impact and cause the most physical damage.

JO cannot beat Galib in a fist fight, he can take too many punches - and he simply wont stand there and allow Jo to rain down on him the many punches needed to debilitate him. Jo know this. Therefore she goes for hits that will decrease his effectiveness. Jo wants to take out an eye, multiple throat hits, kicks to the side of knee, to dislocate a knee. Arm bars, leg locks, anything to use his size against him and to her advantage.

GALIB quite simply wants to knock her block off. He has been in the game long enough to know his strengths are his devastating hits. He wants to land the right combination of punches that is going to send Jo into next week. Once she's down, he'll simply stamp on her head till she's dead. He has absolutely no time to mess about - he wants her dead and quickly.

GALIB moves forward with confidence - constantly pressing Jo, her punches to him, are like love taps, he puts up his guard and could take them all day.

JO goes for the weakness. Multiple kicks to the knees. Thumb deep in eye sockets. Good old fashioned kick to the nuts. Repeatedly punching the throat. If she does throw punches they are quick and accurate, 1, 2 combinations, confident, then quickly back out of Galib's reach. She knows that if she gets caught by just one punch from Galib, she's going down, no question.




I love this fights for it's brutality, choreography and hard hits. I think when two pros fight - they cut straight to the chase. They want to inflict as much damage as quickly as possible. Both want a swift resolution.  Its short, sharp, brutal and to the point. Scrappy, bone crunching, painful.


This is a great fight. 1 it uses as few cuts as possible, a shooting style I'm looking to employ. Wide shots, hand held, not too many cuts. Actors must know thier makrs - and know the choreography like the back of their hand. For a smooth seamless fight.

The fight scene starts from her leaving the lift and ends when they slam her to the wall. Ends at TC 01:13


For the purpose of the trailer, before the final LEFT, RIGHT punches form Galib that open the film, we are going to add thirty seconds of fighting before that - which will lead us into the opening moments below.


As I'm sure Steen has mentioned, we are looking to raise funds to make sure performers and crew get a respectful fee for the job.

It will be lower than you are used to, as it is a self funded short film. But there will definitely be money on the table. That being said, we are looking for crew and actors who are wholeheartedly going to invest their considerable talents and efforts, in creating the absolute best work we can. With the limited resources we have.

As much rehearsal as possible, (2 days) in preparation for what will be an early start, a late finish, with lots of shots to get through.

I want to be as honest as possible with what to expect. There will be a lot to get through on the day - we are looking for two highly committed performances - from actors able to give 100% take after take, for the full day. If this sounds like you, we would love to have you onboard.