Buki Koshoni + Award winning Photographer & Filmmaker.



Buki Koshoni - Lagos born, London based.

Photographer + Filmmaker + Writer.

An award winning artist, Koshoni's work dismantles the boundaries between portraiture, identity, fashion and the human form.

"The subject of individual & cultural identity, as it pertains to social perception, has always been an ongoing dialogue in my personal life. Through my work, I’m able to capture and explore this journey, in a hope to provoke discourse and challenge perceptions. Curated works that investigate and addresses contemporary belief systems while confronting ideologies."

Koshoni takes a compelling and intimate approach to his subjects, resulting in a unique exploration of both human condition & culture.

As a writer Koshoni's work, fiction, non-fiction and poetry, explores the frailty, strength and hope of the human condition.

After honing his craft at St Martins, London, Koshoni has released a number of books celebrating the art of portraiture.

In addition to commissions for The Sunday Times, The Independent and Vanity Fair, he has exhibited nationally and internationally. Most notably, as a Taylor Wessing Portrait finalist with the National Portrait Gallery, marking his status as a world-class portrait photographer & as a Gold Medal winner with GOSEE Berlin.

...photography has long become a part of our everyday lives– shot in a sexy studio, nearly lifeless in the streets, or even uber-elaborately staged outdoors in the wilderness. That is why Lagos-born and London-resident Buki Koshoni took home the prize as the perfect representative of our times. His works are young, sexy, fast, hard, tender – whether in photo or film.
— 1st Place, Gold Medal Winner + GoSee Awards (Berlin)

SELECTION OF COMMERCIAL & EDITORIAL CLIENTS: Sony Records + American Apparel + Hackett London + The Review Magazine + Vanity Fair +  FHM Magazine + The Sunday Times + The British Journal of Photography + Aveda Hair + The Independent Magazine