Award winning Digital Content Creator + Visual Storyteller

Lagos born, London based.


Buki Koshoni is an award winning director, photographer, writer and producer.

An experienced Digital Content creator, collaborating with Brands + Lifestyle Influencers & Production Houses, to create visually captivating stories that engage, excite and entertain. 

As an award winning artist, Koshoni's work dismantles the boundaries between portraiture, identity, fashion and the human form.

"The subject of individual & cultural identity, has always been an ongoing dialogue in my personal life. Through my work, I’m able to capture and explore this journey.

Koshoni takes a compelling and intimate approach to his subjects, resulting in a unique exploration of both human condition & culture. After honing his craft at St Martins, London, Koshoni has released a number of books celebrating the art of portraiture.

Currently in development on a number of projects, including a series of personal portraits for designer Ozwald Boateng & a limited TV series titled "Thicker Than Water."

Buki Koshoni is represented by Christa Klubert

In addition to commissions for The Sunday Times, The Independent and Vanity Fair, he has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Most notably, as a Taylor Wessing Portrait finalist with the National Portrait Gallery, marking his status as a world-class portrait photographer & as a Gold Medal winner with GOSEE Berlin. has long become a part of our everyday lives– shot in a sexy studio, nearly lifeless in the streets, or even uber-elaborately staged outdoors in the wilderness. That is why Lagos-born and London-resident Buki Koshoni took home the prize as the perfect representative of our times. His works are young, sexy, fast, hard, tender – whether in photo or film.
— 1st Place, Gold Medal Winner + GoSee Awards (Berlin)


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